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RoadSailor Drifter SL

It is so light that many demand a flight license for its usage.

They will look at their own wheels and claim it goes like this as well. They will bombard you with spells. They will hate you. And you will be able to start once more with a grin on the next mountain and allow them only a look at your rear tire. Why? Because these ROADSAILOR Drifter SL can not drive slowly, especially not uphill. 835 g light, with wide rims, which together with the wide-building hubs ensure a lot of side stiffness. Designed for 25mm tires on the rear wheel, they also offer extra comfort. But keep that better for you. Otherwise you will go all alone in the future. Sail the Road!

€ 1.990,- / Wheels
Numbers. Dates. Facts.
  • Material: Exclusive high-end pol-Y carbon fibers

  • weight (+/- 3% deviation): v & h 835 g (v: 355 g; h: 480 g)

  • Hubs: EXTRALIGHT CyberFront SP & Cyber ​​Rear SP (front wheel: 18 spokes, radial spoked, rear wheel: 24 spokes, 12 spokes crossed, 12 radial spokes)

  • Memory type: Sapim CX-Ray

  • Rim width / height Front wheel outside: 24 mm

  • Rim width / height Rear wheel outside: 26 mm

  • Recommended tire width: front 22 – 24 mm; Rear: 24 – 26 mmWeight limiter (system weight from driver plus bike): 100 Kg

For which type of riders are these bicycles designed?

You play with the idea of ​​baptizing your firstborn by the name Marco, Fausto or Nairo? You are not returning from any exit before the altitude meter is not four digits? And regarding the term “spring diet” the first thing that comes to your mind is your bike? Here comes your new companion, who makes a flat stage from cropped terrain and a hillside from mountains!

Curious, what makes the ROADSAILOR Drifter SL so special?

Light-weight up-wheel sets have so far often been designed as asphalt saws: as narrow as possible, in order to save weight. The driving characteristics were ignored. We therefore deliberately decided against a new weight record and in favour of the active racing drivers. For this reason, we have equipped our climbing wheelset with different rim profiles. The front wheel rim of the ROADSAILOR Drifter SL with its dimension of 24 x 24 lies perfectly on the road (designed for tire widths of 22 – 24 mm). A rear wheel rim with a width of 26 x 26 mm (for tires of 23 – 25 mm) provides great comfort at the rear. The feeling at 835 g? Let’s put it this way: We do not think that burnouts for racing bikes are impossible from now on.

What does Holger Gau, our aerodynamics expert, say?

“Of course, this wheel set can not compete with aero profiles like the ROADSAILOR blister or the ROADSAILOR Code Zero. Nevertheless, the aerodynamic values ​​are better than one would expect at first sight. This is due, on the one hand, to the small number of spokes and the good behavior of the knife spokes. On the other hand, however, the harmonious transition from tire to rimbed, which can not tear down the air stream. “

What are the considerations of our carbon-fiber expert, Axel Schnura?

“Nowhere else does the weight of the wheels play such a big role as in the mountains. But: Stiffness, braking and compatibility with wide, modern tires are just as important. That’s why our climbing wheel set has different rim profiles at the front and rear. In order to balance drive forces and axle load distribution, we have developed a wider and higher rim for the rear wheel. A hole pattern offset by 2.5 mm to the non-drive side ensures a more even tension between the spokes and even more stiffness.

In order to further extend the time gained during the climb, we have reinforced the rims. The micro-surface structuring of the braking surfaces increases the friction value during braking. And thanks to our cool core and NRG flow technologies, overheating of the rims is virtually impossible! “

All features in overview.
  • Icon für 2S

    Two Shape for better aerodynamics: Aerodynamically optimized, different rim design for front and rear.

  • Icon für 4h+

    More time for best quality: ROADSAILOR rims are heat treated for more than four hours – more than three times longer than at other manufacturers – to effectively eliminate the smallest gas inclusions that affect the performance.

  • Icon für ASD

    Aerosail Design for true aerodynamics: Research results from high-tech sailing have been incorporated into the aero design of the rim and achieve best results in practice.

  • Icon für ASP

    Asymmetrical Spoke Position: To increase the side stiffness of the impeller, the spoke holes in the rim are offset to the non-drive side to distribute the flow more evenly on the spokes. The result: improved power transmission, you bring more power to the road.

  • Icon für CCT

    Coolcore Technology for your safety: With the help of time-intensive production processes, ROADSAILOR is able to do without the often used foam core in carbon rims. Why? Because this foam core stores heat and is responsible for overheating during long-term braking.

  • Icon für HDA

    Heavy Duty Approval also for heavy riders: ROADSAILOR wheels are approved up to 100 kg system weight (= rider plus bike).

  • Icon für LD

    LaserDrive – the navigation system for a new dimension of quality in production: In order to ensure the highest precision, ROADSAILOR draws the prepregs in a laser-engraved manufacturing process.

  • Icon für Made in Germany
    Made in Germany

    If it is supposed to be really good, do it yourself: ROADSAILOR wheels are manufactured entirely in our carbon manufactory in Germany – that means: designed, constructed, laminated and hand laced!

  • Icon für MasterShape

    More robust wheels: A new kind of design in the production process ensures extremely exact production results for the ROADSAILOR rims.

  • Icon für MicroCut

    Cutting technology for maximum precision: ROADSAILOR has developed a CNC-based cutting process with which we can cut the carbon prepregs with a precision of 0.05 mm to save redundant fiber layers, while guaranteeing the highest quality.

  • Icon für NanoResin

    A Nano resin, exclusively designed for ROADSAILOR, ensures extreme resilience and the lowest possible weight.

  • Icon für NRG-Flow

    Free Energy Flow for best braking results: Due to the fact that the brake flanks are not milled, the structure of the carbon fibers of ROADSAILOR rims remains “uninjured” and therefore retains its characteristic of dissipating the braking heat to the entire surface of the rim. The overheating – or even delamination – of the brake flanks can therefore be excluded at ROADSAILOR.

  • Icon für pol-Y

    Polygame turbofasers for spring-loaded rims: In each ROADSAILOR rim, several high-tech fiber types are used to ensure maximum stability with the lowest possible weight.

  • Icon für Powerspokes

    Save weight on the spokes: Pre-formed inlets replace the holes of the spoke holes in ROADSAILOR rims. This increases the stability of the “uninjured” carbon fibers and allows us to increase the storage voltage. The result? Stiffer wheels and significant weight savings on the spokes.

  • Icon für SSD

    Seamless Smooth Design for Better Circulation of Tubular Tires: ROADSAILOR rims have a close-up trough embedded in the seam of the tire. This not only simplifies assembly, but also improves the tire runout drastically!

  • Icon für Xcell 25
    Xcell 25

    Excellence of 25 for reduced rolling resistance: optimized ROADSAILOR wheel design for tires with the lowest rolling resistance – thus tire widths between 24 and 26 mm diameter.