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Beaten paths are for beaten men.

How is Holger Gaus’s experience in cycling? Up to his ROADSAILOR commitment: Exactly zero – and that was a good thing! We wanted to go new ways. It was therefore all the more important to have someone on board who sees the wheel world with different eyes. Especially since his experience and his know-how from the development around the sailing sport made completely new approaches possible. “Many wrong decisions are based on too much simplified models,” says Gau. He therefore pursues a contradictory philosophy: Only the investigation of every detail, no matter how small, brings light into the “big whole” – and in the end enables unimagined improvements.

From the ice channel to the Bermuda islands.

Only a few have such an intuitive feeling for reducing flow losses while at the same time using the current as Holger Gau. Not least thanks to the calculations by Gau and the BMW aerodynamics crew, the bobs and racing bulls of the German national team won gold medals at the Olympics. In 2017 further innovations from the same spring will fight for victory. Then at the most prestigious of all regattas, the America’s Cup off the Bermuda Islands.

So far you do not have to travel to experience Holger’s innovations in cycling. Already, his ideas result in faster house rounds and town hall sprints. Possibly just a road further. At your archrival.