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The best of two worlds.

Aerodynamic or light – the question of faith when choosing new wheels. We wanted to end this conflict and build rims that are better than its competitors in both disciplines. That is why ROADSAILOR has united two luminaries of both disciplines into one team: the lightweight pioneer Axel Schnura and Holger Gau, one of the world’s most renowned aerodynamic engineers.

The one with more than 15 years of experience from motor racing and Formula One. The other with no less expertise in aeronautics and automotive engineering, and currently dealing with the probably most exciting task in the field of flow behavior: aerodynamic optimization of a racing sailboat for America’s Cup 2017.

The task was simple: build faster wheels than anyone else – aerodynamically worldclass and at the same time qualitatively at the highest light-weight level. And: Make them affordable! The result after 12 months of development and construction time: Mission fulfilled!