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Can ROADSAILOR wheels be used with 10- speed pinion packets from Shimano / SRAM?

Yup! However, you need a 10-fold freewheel for the ROADSAILOR hubs. Either you choose this option directly at your order. Or you order it afterwards.

For the SL variants with EXTRALIGHT hubs, a spacer ring (1.85 mm) is pushed onto the freewheel body before the pinion set is installed. You get this distance ring in every bike shop.

Must ROADSAILOR wheels be centered one more time after the first few kilometers?

No. ROADSAILOR wheels can be used from the first second onwards. The storage voltage remains in normal operation for many years.

I've slumped through a sloop. Can my wheel be centered?

Of course! Due to the external storage nipples, ordinary side impacts can be removed by a specialist. We are also happy to take on this task. Please contact us beforehand so that we can estimate the damage and inform you about the costs (working time and shipping).

Are there ROADSAILOR wheels as clincher and disc variants?

Yes soon! In the spring of 2017, we will start with the wire stripe variant of the ROADSAILOR Code Zero, which will also be tube-compatible.

Kit or tape for ROADSAILOR tubular models?

The specially reinforced rimbed is designed for both possibilities. The best thing to do is to get the information from the tubing manufacturer.

Can decals be ordered?

No, because the rims are heated to just under 100 degrees Celsius prior to spitting. Send us a photo at – maybe we’ll find another way to refresh the decals of your rims.

Are there any decals in other colors besides white?

Not at the moment, but in the coming designs.

Are running bags included with ROADSAILOR wheels?

No. There are already plenty of wheel bags in the world, which rotten in cellars.

What pressure should be applied to ROADSAILOR Tubular rims?

There is no flat-rate answer because it depends on many other factors such as the system weight and the details of the tubing tire manufacturer. Our rims are designed for a tire width between 24 and 26 mm. Wider tires tolerate a lower filling quantity, only then they can play out their comfort advantages. Our racers who weigh between 70 and 75 kg drive an average 6 to 6.5 bar in the Conti 25 mm tires. This information is without guarantee!

Which brake pads may be used?

The rubber compound of ROADSAILOR Anchor brake pads has been specially designed for the characteristics of ROADSAILOR carbon rims. The use of other brands can lead to unpredictable braking results. ROADSAILOR takes no liability in this case. The warranty claims expire.

How do I care for ROADSAILOR carbon rims?

First: Carbon Hates Metal! Do not work on the carbon fibers with sharp objects when mounting tires, removing adhesive residues (tubular rims) or removing dirt.

Clean rims look not only more beautiful, they usually also brake better. Regularly clean your ROADSAILOR with mild soap and warm water. Check your rims for damage. If you notice something: run the wheel no more, take pictures, send to We will contact you!

Can UV rays damage ROADSAILOR wheels?

No! Nevertheless, we advise you not to expose the wheels to permanent exposure to the sun. Why? Because the UV rays damage your tires. And because the sun can change the color of your bikes. This does not affect their functionality. Still, in dark black we still find them the most beautiful!

Bicycle carriers on cars and ROADSAILOR Wheels?

ROADSAILOR wheels are robust, but not indestructible. There is nothing to be said against the use on roof racks, provided the wheel has been properly fastened. Caution with wheel attachments at the rear of cars: The heat of the exhaust emissions can damage the carbon of the ROADSAILOR impellers!