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Our Aero concept: specialization instead of standardization.

The best wheels in the world – the ambitions associated with our developments are high. However, there is not the one, allround wheel set for all terrains or applications. In contrast to many other manufacturers, ROADSAILOR has therefore developed different shapes for the individual profiles in order to meet the individual requirements of the athletes as good as possible. This is true for the different rim depths. But also for the shape of the front and rear wheel, which have to fulfill different aerodynamic properties.

Our principle: for athletes instead of for test reports.

With our experience in sail sport, we have not put the best possible laboratory tests in the focus of the development of the ROADSAILOR wheels, but the practice of the ambitious cyclist. Why? Because the ideal conditions often used in product tests are almost never used in everyday life. We therefore focus on the athletes and their needs and look forward to every watt that we can save you.

Our shaping language: Tire forms rim.

If you want to be really fast, you have to understand the impeller as a whole system. The tire takes a key roll, after all, it is the first contact surface to the incoming wind. When it fuses with the rim to a perfect unit, the airflow slides over both without causing any turbulences. For this reason, ROADSAILOR has pulled the rimbed of the tubular models slightly deeper. The tire turns almost seamlessly into the shape of the rim.

Our approach: the impeller as a whole system.

But from which width of the tire needs the width of the rim to be developed ? If you only look at the results in the wind tunnel test, you will decide for a model that is as narrow as possible. ROADSAILOR, on the other hand, has selected 25 millimeters wide versions. These have a larger end face, but a proven lower rolling resistance. We have also succeeded in compensating for the disadvantage of the enlargement of the end face by means of some elaborate aerodynamic tricks. The result: With a ROADSAILOR wheel set, our athlete needs significantly less power for the same speed – and is thus faster than his competitors!

Our ambition: enjoying the ride under all conditions.

The shaping of the rims significantly influences the driving behavior of the entire wheel. How do the bikes react to the wind? How can they be controlled in curves? ROADSAILOR has therefore optimized the design of the rim top with regard to flowefficiency. Therefore, gusts from the side are significantly less frightening and the steering torque in curves is minimal and hardly noticeable even with low profile rims. Your bike will not only be “lighter” in the future, but it will also be more stable and agile as well as safer.