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Our credo: Why we believe in Made in Germany.

If a developer has an idea in a company, he makes a request. With us, he enters the next room and simply carries it out. Two days later he screws the quick release in his road bike and the new development must prove itself in the ascents and descents of the Fichtelgebirge. If our production had moved to Asia, the same process would take half a year. The same applies to our quality control. We know that each of our rims has got the best time to harden. Because we were standing right next to it.

Our carbon crew: High-tech meets crafts

They know no tolerance. They are vain. They are bad losers. When it comes to their work, ROADSAILOR employees become relentless. Tolerances in production? A rim that does not deserve the claim “man, this is awesome!”? Or a rim which is even heavier than its competitors? I am sorry to disappoint you, but such people do not work here. Our bicycles are built for the competition and with this attitude, our carbon crew also faces the tasks: with a lot of craftsmanship and skill, enormous knowledge and experience – but above all with passion.

Mr. XL

The Mastermind behind all ROADSAILOR carbon developments is also involved in production. To find further potential. To see that everything works. And just to have fun.

Mrs. R like Race

How can spike holes be put into carbon rims without damaging the fibers? With a lot of fingertip, skill - and Mrs. R!

Our flexibility: individual custom-made products on customer request.

Stylish. Timeless. Elegant. The design of a ROADSAILOR wheel set can only be met by one thing: the individual color adjustment to the varnish of your wheel. As usual with Custom-made products the whole process of construction takes somewhat longer and also costs more. Give us four weeks and calculate on at least an additional € 450, according to the effort, and your dream will come true!

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