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    Profile Depth

    Profiled depth profiles of the ROADSAILOR wheel models.

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    Two Shape for better aerodynamics: Aerodynamically optimized, different rim design for front and rear.

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    More time for best quality: ROADSAILOR rims are heat treated for more than four hours – more than three times longer than at other manufacturers – to effectively eliminate the smallest gas inclusions that affect the performance.

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    Aerosail Design for true aerodynamics: Research results from high-tech sailing have been incorporated into the aero design of the rim and achieve best results in practice.

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    Asymmetrical Spoke Position: To increase the side stiffness of the impeller, the spoke holes in the rim are offset to the non-drive side to distribute the flow more evenly on the spokes. The result: improved power transmission, you bring more power to the road.

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    Ceramic Braking Power for more safety: Open-pore ceramic particles incorporated into the braking flank ensure a consistently high braking performance in wet as well as dry conditions. The integration of the particles into the ROADSAILOR rims reduces the abrasion of the particles and their wear to a minimum.

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    Coolcore Technology for your safety: With the help of time-intensive production processes, ROADSAILOR is able to do without the often used foam core in carbon rims. Why? Because this foam core stores heat and is responsible for overheating during long-term braking.

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    Disc: The hubs have a brake disc mount.

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    Heavy Duty Approval also for heavy riders: ROADSAILOR wheels are approved up to 100 kg system weight (= rider plus bike).

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    Hookless: The Hookless technology reduces the rolling resistance of the tires, since the friction on the rim horn is eliminated and the flexing of the side walls is restricted.

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    LaserDrive – the navigation system for a new dimension of quality in production: In order to ensure the highest precision, ROADSAILOR draws the prepregs in a laser-engraved manufacturing process.

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    Made in Germany

    If it is supposed to be really good, do it yourself: ROADSAILOR wheels are manufactured entirely in our carbon manufactory in Germany – that means: designed, constructed, laminated and hand laced!

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    More robust wheels: A new kind of design in the production process ensures extremely exact production results for the ROADSAILOR rims.

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    Cutting technology for maximum precision: ROADSAILOR has developed a CNC-based cutting process with which we can cut the carbon prepregs with a precision of 0.05 mm to save redundant fiber layers, while guaranteeing the highest quality.

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    Monocoque Sidewalls

    Monocoque Sidewalls: Circular carbon fiber mats form the side walls of the clincher rim, which is supported by two sides this way and thus gains enormous stability.

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    A Nano resin, exclusively designed for ROADSAILOR, ensures extreme resilience and the lowest possible weight.

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    Free Energy Flow for best braking results: Due to the fact that the brake flanks are not milled, the structure of the carbon fibers of ROADSAILOR rims remains “uninjured” and therefore retains its characteristic of dissipating the braking heat to the entire surface of the rim. The overheating – or even delamination – of the brake flanks can therefore be excluded at ROADSAILOR.

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    Polygame turbofasers for spring-loaded rims: In each ROADSAILOR rim, several high-tech fiber types are used to ensure maximum stability with the lowest possible weight.

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    Save weight on the spokes: Pre-formed inlets replace the holes of the spoke holes in ROADSAILOR rims. This increases the stability of the “uninjured” carbon fibers and allows us to increase the storage voltage. The result? Stiffer wheels and significant weight savings on the spokes.

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    Seamless Smooth Design for Better Circulation of Tubular Tires: ROADSAILOR rims have a close-up trough embedded in the seam of the tire. This not only simplifies assembly, but also improves the tire runout drastically!

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    Xcell 25

    Excellence of 25 for reduced rolling resistance: optimized ROADSAILOR wheel design for tires with the lowest rolling resistance – thus tire widths between 24 and 26 mm diameter.